Location: Ireland

I was born in 1969 in small town of Sumperk, Czech Republic. I was told that I was born with pencils in my hands. Drew better than I talked, drew better than I walked. But as most other kids I met other loves in my childhood. Sports. That drew me away from doing what I was born for. Had good success in teenage. Won few school art competitions. After school, life happened. Got a job in Casino business, started paying bills, dating, moving from place to place, different countries, crazy shifts etc. That put my talent for art to sleep for a very long time. But hey, it never got lost. Now I'm back with vengeance. So stick with me. follow my work, check my sites from time to time and enjoy my way back to the world of art.


My Art In Dry Media

This portfolio exhibits my work in all dry media. Soft pastels, Neocolor II pastels, colored pencils, charcoal etc.

The Dark Messenger “The Dark Messenger”

68 x 98 cm Colored Pencils on Paper
''The Dark Messenger'' bringing the apocalyptic storm. I guess my fantasy got a little ''dark-ish'' here...

The Guardian “The Guardian”

45 x 64 cm Colored Pencils on Paper
A snake and an ancient mask, made to look like a night snapshot. The idea was to make it look as if the reptile is guarding the mask On left side is image of me 25 years ago put together in stones. Signature is drawn to look scrabbled in the piece of wood on wright side.

She's So Into Him “She's So Into Him”

53 x 89 cm Colored Pencils on Paper
Inspired by a photo taken in Howth Dublin. In fact it's my niece and her boyfriend caught in a beautiful, romantic moment.

Forbidden Love “Forbidden Love”

100 x 70 cm Colored pencils on Paper
A fairy tale of two lovers turned into stone by a jealous sorcerer. Story we all loved as kids, regardless of scenarios and surroundings in the particular tale.

Vivat Gordon “Vivat Gordon”

89 x 69 cm Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Pastels & Colored Pencils on Paper
A portrait of my son. He posted a photo of himself on facebook as a prank and I just couldn't resist the temptation. I obviously had to change the background to create the surrealistically realistic atmosphere.

Jana “Jana”

83 x 59 cm Colored Pencils on Paper
A forever friend of mine. Real lady I promised to do a portrait long time ago. So I finally decided to sit down and do it.

The Girl With Horses “The Girl With Horses”

90 x 69 cm Colored Pencils on Paper
Face of a girl carried away by some warm emotion, calmness,love? And it's emphasized by low sunlight and the colors in the background. I purposely blurred the background, to make the three subjects to come forward and bring magical calmness to anyone who faces them. The girls expression gives a perfect set of emotion with the two heads of the horses lining with their spines in calm submissive way. Warm colors and calm romantic impression in this composition.

Fire In The Valley “Fire In The Valley”

98 x 69 cm Soft Pastels & colored Pencils on Paper
A beautiful and free animal, running down the valley. Don't go looking for the smoke, for he is ''The Fire''