Mike Sweeney

Mike Sweeney received his M.F.A. in 1990 from the University of Connecticut. Interested in social contributions and bridges between visual and other forms of literacy, he has engaged dual careers in public libraries and schools while pursuing exhibition opportunities nationally. Having trained on the job in antique furniture restoration in 2015, Mike’s interest in the recombination and synthesis of common materials through craft technique became more central to his process. Exhibiting in the U.S. and online, Mike’s visual work can be seen at https://www.mikesweeneyartist.com or on Instagram @mikesweeneyart.


Woven, Printed, Painted

These works begin by reweaving shredded maps, book pages, magazines, and catalogs. When a sheet of paper has been created, I then print, paint and draw in layers using a variety of methods from chine collé layering of woodcuts and engravings to drawing and painting.

links (hedges series) “links (hedges series)”

woven paper and chine colle print, 2021

 crowdsource (hedges series) “ crowdsource (hedges series)”

woven paper, permanent ink, and chine colle print

sung in half tone “sung in half tone”

woven paper, alcohol ink, toner, and chine colle print

cutaway sparrows “cutaway sparrows”

woven paper and tengucho (Japanese paper)

seated man in a field of words “seated man in a field of words”

woven paper and chine colle print