Boy Alkaf

boy alkaf

Location: Indonesia

has a small name "alkaf" born in the village "Water Santok" 27 October 1987, but the people around calling me "boy" ... hehehe :)

now Began to settle in the small town where he was raised, Pariaman, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

learn to paint by himself since 2008, although it has had time to pursue and complete education about the art of sculpture in early 2013 at the Indonesian Art Institute Padangpanjang. try doing a variety of exploration and experimentation in painting.

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think of something that becomes experience is normal on any one thinking that. wherever and whenever anyone even going to experience it. but the time will be a real witness will be a big difference to what is perceived to thinking on these things. very pure pressure is distinctly different flavor that becomes a moment in thought. furthermore the presence of what is behind the sense that too would be an incredible spirit to position them as the inspiration of the more extraordinary.

biCARA d I am #3 (otherwise minded series) “biCARA d I am #3 (otherwise minded series)”

boy alkaf+biCARA d I am #3 (otherwise minded series)+oil on recycle paper+2014