Ezshwan Winding

Ezshwan Winding

Location: Mexico

Ezshwan Winding
San Miguel de Allende
415 1159646

U.C.L.A. 1976 ---- Printmaking
Barett College, 1968 ----Painting, Art History
Contemporary Art Workshop, Chicago, 1968 -----Sculpture: Welded Steel
Art Institute of Chicago, 1966------Sculpture: Wood and Stone
American Academy of Art,Chicago, 1952---- Illustration
University of Illinois, 1952 -1955---- Painting and Advertising Design
I strive to make art that touches people's hearts, either abstract or figurative and has spiritual meaning for me. Through my art, I hope to connect with others with beauty of harmony, color, form and energy. Dreams and mediation often give me a starting point on an image. Then comes the applications of many layers of molten beeswax, resin and pigments;each layer is heat fused into the existing surface. At times, I draw or paint on the layers and then scrape and rebuild the facade. This action is much like analyzing a dream. Layer after layer is applied, scraped, incised, fused and marked to allow the truth of the piece to speak. The revealed under layers whisper their subtle messages. I never have total control of life or encaustic painting. Like jazz, there is improvisation that can take a work to a deeper, more subconscious state that can be meditative. I allow my subconscious to take over so that the work may transform beyond the mundane and predictable. I open my senses to the experience and emotionally consent to a poetic and thrilling adventure. The fluidity of the encaustic medium is challenging, exhilarating, inspiring and exciting, making a paintings that can be looked into as well as looked at. The layered luminosity is appealingly tactile, encouraging viewers to stroke and caress the surface, discovering the sensual experience of encaustic.

SOLO ART EXHIBITIONS , (partial list)
Galeria 46, San Miguel de Allende, Jan, 2015
Small Works Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, April, 2013
Gallery Onem San Miguel de Allende, Jan, 2012
Galeria Atelier, San Miguel de Allende, November 2009.
Galaria 6 Pozos, Mexico, November 2009
Mero Arte Contemporano , San Miguel de Allende, MX, January 2009
Sol y Luna Gallery, Puerto Vallarta, MX. January 2009
Mero Arte Contemporano, San Miguel de Allende, MX. June 2006, June 2007, March 2008,
Galeria LeNoir, November,San Miguel de Allende, 2005
Casa de las Artesanias de Michoacan, San Miguel de Allende,June, 2005
Carson Winding Gallery , Ashland OR. July 2004
Scarlet Palette Gallery, Jacksonville, OR. June, 2003
Artisimo Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ. December 2001, 1998, 97, 96, 95, 94, 93,92, 91
Gallery Living Colors, Ashland, OR. March 2001, May 2002


Into the Silence

I am a woman, painting women; women that reflect the inspiration that comes from that private, quiet place inside their own being; opening their consciousness and receiving that soundless, small voice of guidance, the gut feeling, an inner awareness. They are opening their consciousness and becoming still, listening, going within to tap their divine intuition. It could be through contemplation, meditation or simply a place of peace. Deep communion with the higher self can only happen in stillness. Be still and listen. When we become silent, we develop the ability to truly listen and only then will we come become mindful of what it is we need to know, how to support oneself, others, the world and all the wonder it holds. This time of seclusion is the price of greatness and wisdom.