Vasundhara Tolia

Dr. Vasu Tolia is a new kid on the block, having recently started painting after retiring from other professional life. She enjoys working in different mediums and concepts- from all aspects of nature to still life and figures. Her style varies from photorealistic to abstraction of a subject.

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Vasu's art

Dr. Vasu Tolia is a Pediatric Gastroenterologist who had a longtime yearning to be an artist. She paints mainly in acrylic and occasionally in graphite, mixed media and oils. She feels inspired by light and color, and her creativity is driven to capture and reflect the diversity of nature. Her works are predominantly in flora and fauna, elaborating on these subjects—and recently she has started working on the abstract forms of figures and landscapes.

‘Ganesha’- Indian Mythologic God with an elephant’s head- fascinates her and she paints him in different forms, colors and locations, suggesting his possible presence everywhere. Use of bright color is her signature, she uses this as a personal form of expression to communicate her ideas. She also mixes abstract shapes and color with geometric forms to energize her paintings. Her collections include Ganesha, flowers, landscapes, animals, birds, still-life, and figures. She has always been an advocate for children. Vasu will donate part of all proceeds from the sale of her art to several children’s causes related to education, to institutions providing free medical care to the indigent population, victims of domestic abuse, FARTherapy for Autism , Ted Lindsay Foundation for Autism and other charitable projects for hospitals.