Obert Fittje


Obert Fittje's Portfolio

This is merely a sample of my work. In the past 8 years I have painted over one hundred oil on canvas paintings. This sample includes some fantasy, some spiritual images and some abstract paintings.

Lovers in a Moonlit Sky “Lovers in a Moonlit Sky”

This oil on canvas painting was inspired by a Chagall painting. It shows two lovers floating in a moonlit sky.

Be Still “Be Still”

This is a mystical landscape based on the religious saying of "Be still and know that I am."

A Budding Grove “A Budding Grove”

This is a spiritual image of one flower that shows, upon careful examination, the element of an entire budding grove.

Adam and Eve Cubic “Adam and Eve Cubic”

This is a semi-cubic image of Adam and Eve. The androgynous Adam passively watches as Eve reaches for the fruit.

Bloody War “Bloody War”

This is an expressionistic image that represents my feelings towards bloody war.

Wounded Autumn “Wounded Autumn”

This is an abstract image in oil on canvas representing a wounded and bleeding autumn.

Fractal Buddha “Fractal Buddha”

This is an image of the Buddha made up of smaller images of the Buddha.

The Mystic Artist “The Mystic Artist”

What would a mystic paint? In this painting, the inspiration comes from above into the mystic artist's mind. From his mind, the inspiration flows down his arms, into his hands, and then onto the brush and finally the spiritual image is painted onto the canvas

The Forest Dweller “The Forest Dweller”

In the Hindu culture, once a person has fulfilled their social obligations of being a householder and raising a family, they can become a forest dweller and pursue spiritual goals. In this painting, the mystical artist dwells in a mystical forest.

The Artist Loves “The Artist Loves”

This is an image of the many loves of the artist: the sky, the sun, the clouds, the flowers, the grass, painting, colors and the Beloved.

Dreaming the Cosmic Dream “Dreaming the Cosmic Dream”

In this painting, the mystic is dreaming the cosmic dream of creation and destruction.

Suffering and Bliss “Suffering and Bliss”

This is a pictorial representation of spiritual suffering and bliss.

Study in Red and Yellow “Study in Red and Yellow”

This is an abstract image in yellow and red. Careful observation may reveal something in the painting.

Three Faces “Three Faces”

This is an abstract lanscape painted in one sitting. Careful observation of the painting may reveal the three faces.