Rob Van Hemert

Throughout his career as a full time artist
Rob van Hemert has expressed his art in different
ways, using different techniques.

Each art expression, under various pseudonyms,
marks a significant period in his personal life.
And each subsequent period has, in turn,
provided inspiration for the next phase of his work.

He never becomes bored with the symmetry of geometric patterns. Its simplicity expresses to him
an indefinable tension. Even when he, at times,
‘drifts away’ into figurative painting, the geometry
is always evident. Indeed, the use of geometric
patterns on the flat canvas leads him to reach
yet further levels of simplicity.

He always finds synergy in the geometry.
He continuously searches for a ‘haven’, just
as often found as abandoned, venting emotions
and freeing himself through expression.

The symmetry of geometric patterns, whether in acrylic on canvas or in the creation of steel wire sculptures feels as the ultimate way to explore all of his dreams.

30 June 1949, Malang (Indonesia)

Education, a.o
Free Academy of Art, The Hague
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
Polytechnic Institute (Architecture), The Hague

Retrospective (pseudonyms)
manifesto, 2011 (M.A. Lang)
paintings, figurative, 2010 (Ybbor49)
paintings & sculptures, geometric, 2007 - 2009 (Ybbor)
paintings, figurative & abstract, 2001 - 2006 (Rohe)
paintings, figurative; objects, figurative & abstract, 1983 - 2000 (Loets)
paintings, figurative; objects, figurative & abstract 1969 - 1982 (Jaro)

Applied techniques
paintings: acryl and/or plaster on linen
sculptures: soldered galvanised steel wire
objects: glass and wood



2012_032 “2012_032”

Hidden inside my soldered structures of cubes and rectangles (made of galvanised wire)
I find myself in thoughts and dreams
And I watch what is going on around me
Curious and invisible for the world