Andrea F. Granchi

Andrea F. Granchi

Location: Italy

Son of a lineage of artisans / artists of the art workshops of Florence and immigrants are born in Antibes, France where my parents had a pottery workshop.
I graduated from the Art Institute of Florence and experiences I started as a commercial artist and illustrator
(books for children 's books, comics and cartoons).
From 1977 to 2012 I worked in theater and opera, in the technical field, in the creation of shows and stage sets.
During these years, both by family tradition and from work, I continued to paint with both traditional techniques and with computer. Ended my experience in the theater I started to paint with some diligence to resume in the middle of my work as a painter and graphic artist.


Urban & cityscape

Urbanscapeo1 “Urbanscapeo1”

Acrylic on canvas, cm 40x50, 2013

Urbanscape03 “Urbanscape03”

Acrylic on canvas, cm 50x60, 2013

Magazzino “Magazzino”

Acrylico on paper, cm 20x29, 2012

Tabacchi “Tabacchi”

Acrylic on paper, cm 30x44, 2012

Poltrona con libri “Poltrona con libri”

Poltrona con libri in una bella giornata.