Ibrahim Koc

ibrahim Koc


The artist was born in Mersin

He started his sculpture education in Mersin University, Faculty of Fine Arts, then he moved to ?stanbul and graduated from the scuplture department of Istanbul Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts. Continued to his Master Programme in Mimar Sinan University of fine arts. He is still living and working in Istanbul (Turkey) and Australia and participating in international art festivals, symposiums and exhibitions etc. He is a Member International Association of Arts (IAA)


ibrahim Koc-Visual Artist

Artist Statement

We, as humanbeings, ascribe a symbolic meaning to everything related to the nature and we frequently use those meanings while reasoning. In the process of my artistic production, I aim to reverse the symbols underlying the images or minds regardless of the content, material or technique that I use. Therefore I think of discovering the new ways of reading the images by reflecting subjective and social queries. Power, potency, manipulation, nature, symbols, selection and the game. I aim to expand the images of the past and transfer the message by making the art-lover as an active participant of the process. All above is my main concern and desire which might also be thought as making the receptor reach to a catharsis and a free phantasy world.