Maria Galea

Maria Galea

Location: Malta

Maria Galea was born and brought up in the Island of Malta. Her passion for art has always been one that has shaken her to her very core and entertained her. Love for life and passion for the sea that surrounds the island; mark the essence of Maria’s fantasy world and surreal connections.

From early childhood, she has embarked on diverse artistic educational journeys which helped her inspiration to flourish further and reinforced her knowledge and love for art. While pursuing her Advanced Studies in Art Maria has fortified her knowledge with practical experience by managing one of the most established art galleries on the Island which has allowed her to travel to various fairs and expos

Maria is commissioned to do specific works of art by various clients whilst still keeping her distinguished style which resonates with a profound visual narrative as she reveals the invisible within the visible through an unspoken dialogue ;evoking emotions through the boldness of color giving visual intensity to the viewer .

Maria has a profound sense of symbolism while reflecting an eternal universal massage using tender compositions compelling to her unique artistic vision of capturing the impalpable through a lyrical color palette , tonal combinations and textures.


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