Sunny Marler's work is highly conceptual and diverse, and reflects her surroundings, and the feelings associated with those surroundings. Her grandparents were rock hounds, and brought forth the fascination with the West Texas landscape, geology, and history. The diversity in her work reflects everything from relationships to playful renditions of the found objects, she finds lying around. Her hero in art is Jasper Johns, and like him, she attempts to bring the viewer back and forth, to see the piece as a whole, but to also get up close and personal, and see the textures, colors, and meaning in the minute details of her work. Her inspirations include South American art and its history, the desert, and the poets/artists such as Diane di Prima and her professor Pamela Price.
Sunny Marler grew up an oil brat moving from Kansas, to East Texas, and back to West Texas, where she was born. After some time well spent at the University of Houston studying sculpture, she graduated from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin in Odessa, Texas with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. She has won numerous awards in regional competitions as well as successfully participated in numerous regional shows. In addition to showing and competing, she has taken commissions for large murals at local businesses, original work, and portraits. She loves finding inspiration in the local desert, and hiking the vast West Texas wilderness.
She has participated in shows at the 2008 Deep Ellum Art Walk in Dallas, TX, Nancy Fyfe Cardozier Gallery in Odessa, Texas, Ellen Noel Art Museum in Odessa, TX, Jozeph Matheny's Art Gallery in Odessa, TX, the McCormick Gallery in Midland, TX, Austin Art Space in Austin, TX, Commerce Street Studios in Houston, TX, and numerous independent art spaces and regional art contests.


Sunny Delight

The Pout “The Pout”

Mixed Media on 8x8 wooden panel.

Le Enfant Sauvage “Le Enfant Sauvage”

Part of a three series piece, representing 9 mo. Gestational process of a human fetus, being created inside a grenade.

Haxan “Haxan”

Large mixed media oil on card board and found items.

Teeth “Teeth”

Mixed media on 8x8 wooden panel

Can You Hear Me? “Can You Hear Me?”

Mixed media on 9x12 paper.