Brigitte Broquet

Brigitte Broquet

Location: Germany

Brigitte Broquet born in 1958 in Département Pas de Calais (France).
- 1999-2002 studied at the Freie Kunstakademie Rhein/Ruhr (fadbk) in Essen (Germany) under Paul Schneider (Honor as Meisterschüler by Ulrich Erben), Bernard Lokai (Honor as Meisterschüler by Professor Gerhard Richter) and Heinz Morszoeck (Honor as Meisterschüler by Markus Lüpertz).
- 2003 completion of diploma.
- Reorientation away of constructivist image design and objective painting towards free painting and abstraction.
- Since 2004 working with a self-developped black light technique.
- Since 2011 member of BBK-Ruhrgebiet.

About the work
Brigitte Broquet artistic work is to be understood as a documentation of the change. This work the outcome of her observations and results from the philosophy that abstract painting is a process of reduction which transforms both visible representations and "the inner natur". As a consequence her paintings develop new figurations that evoke an entirely un-objective, sensuous experience. Nonetheless the objective presentation in her work is of central importance.

In the tiniest fraction of seconds, a spur of the moment, a second image is presented by the artist to the viewer: an image within the image. Under the influence of black light it seems as if a curtain is drawn and a secret disclosed.