Zuzana Murenji Domonkos

Zuzana Murenji Domonkos

Location: Serbia

I started painting 10 years ago. Creativity has always been part of my life in several other forms (craft, graphic design). I am working as an accountant and the world of numbers does not satisfy my creative desire, so I started painting.

It started as a hobby but soon I realised it is more than that. I am autodidact painter, and I learn continuously while I create my works. My creativity comes from my being and I try to implement them in a carefully planned way. Sitting in front of a blank canvas, I can already see the finished works before my spiritual eyes. The paint sometimes lives an independent life, and the result is surprising and magical to me as well. I make all my paintings with love and great care. I really want the paintings I make to make people happier. They all find something interesting and intimate in it.

I mainly use acrylic to create my artwork because it is very versatile. It can be mixed with several other mediums which give different attribute to it therefore there will be a more exciting piece of art. I follow the latest trends and of course I apply them as well. Thanks to this my art represents more kinds of styles. I use high quality materials to make my painting long-lasting. I apply gloss varnis, which makes the work of art more durable.

I am trying to create such works of art that are worthy of being decorations of modern homes and filling the rooms full of life. These creations guarantee a demanding atmosphere such as classic or modern flats, office, restaurant, cafe or even a complete building.When an observer finds a piece of his world, his own truth, in my painting, then my art comes to life. I feel happy when my works touch someone's heart.

Lastly, one advice - Buy art with your heart, not your head.


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