Alice Daena Hickey

Artist shown Internationally and Nationally, Has shown in New York for thirteen years, designed fabric for Westminster Fibers Former Technical Illustrator for Motorola, Last shown in Sedona ,Art Fusion Galleries Miami Florida, and New York &Cottonwood.Has exhibited across the continent, Second Time. winner of Easter Seals, Has artwork in over 150 private collections.


watercolor Expressionist

watercolor in a contemporary style painted by an expressionistic If you are interested in Buying @928-634-1975

5275-Roses “5275-Roses”

Red And white Roses 24x36

5282-Trees.  Mingle “5282-Trees. Mingle”

Black and white watercolor on canvas 18x18

5282-fall moon “5282-fall moon”

watercolor on canvas 18x18

5203-night owl “5203-night owl”

watercolor on canvas 18x24

Hands “Hands”

watercolor on paper22x32

Indian pottery. 4484-santa clara “Indian pottery. 4484-santa clara”

24x36 Watercolor on Canvas

Quilting “Quilting ”

16x20 watercolor on paper

Blu touch “Blu touch”

18x36flowers watercolor on canvas

4261- Nympholis Antiopa “4261- Nympholis Antiopa”

24x24watercolor on canvas

5573-wine bottles “5573-wine bottles”

24x30watercolor on canvas

4302-spring Song “4302-spring Song”

24x30 watercolor on canvas on canvas

4464-Birdwing “4464-Birdwing”

24x36 watercolor on canvas

4317-pink &green “4317-pink &green”

24x30watercolor on canvas

5272-City group “5272-City group”

City street scene watercolor on canvas 24x30

4447-Helleborous “4447-Helleborous”

24x30mixed media