Location: Canada

Nathalie, also know as Natso is currently living in Montreal. Her work starts with the colours she chooses, and in her vibrant acrylic on canvas paintings and photographic prints, it is certainly true that colours set the emotion tone. With lots of contrast, the artist gives each of her images a depth that pulls the viewer in. Applying her paints in bold drips and swirls as well as in delicately rendered patterns, she varies those textures to add to the energy and power of her paintings.

Influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting, her images integrate her bold palette and distinct textures into free-flowing, dynamic compositions that seem to be in a constant state of motion and change. But for the artist, the ideas behind her paintings revolve around emotions and feelings.



Theses special personas are inspired by masks and people's multiple personalities. The persona, for psychiatrist Carl Jung, is the social face the individual presents to the world - "a kind of mask, designed on one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and on the other, to conceal the true nature of the individual". Bold brushstrokes ans stains of colours layered on top of each other forms theses wondrous personas.