Mary Morgan

I was born and raised in Texas, however spent some time overseas living with my family in Cali Colombia for a year at the age of ten and in Zurich, Switzerland at the age of 18. At the International school as a senior I took my first painting class. I was influenced by the art world around me in Europe and began to paint still-life/ landscapes and enjoyed the process of learning how to mix paint. When I left Europe and attended a jr. college I studied music and therefore did not continue my education in art until I attended Baylor University in the fall of 1970. I received my BS degree from Baylor with a secondary education degree in Physical Education and Art. Since that time I've taught in many diverse teaching positions and after many years of teaching I had an opportunity to obtain my MA degree in Painting from Texas Woman's University. Presently I enjoy teaching as an adjunct professor. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Istanbul Turkey with my husband for several different summer. During one of those trips I had a solo art show in Istanbul at Aden gallery. My personal style continues to evolve and much of my current work is abstraction based upon experiences that I have had with individuals and places I have visited. I always say that my work is an enmeshment of both worlds inner and outer.


Shaped Pieces

These paintings were create from paper a new form which I had never seen anywhere. The artwork is created from paper that is shaped and some are mounted on board or canvas, some are left to hang in their shaped form. The layers include watercolor, and acrylic/ collage, and the final layer is a poured resin when it dries looks shinny and wet. The work is considered "relief sculpture" Sizes vary

New Work

These artworks are a miscellaneous collection of my new work fall 2016-spring 2017. All the work is 2-D however they are various sizes and mediums.

Lioness Awakened #1 “Lioness Awakened #1”

The first in a series: Oil on canvas; size 36x36

Lioness Awakened #3 “Lioness Awakened #3”

This is the third in a series: Oil on canvas; 36x36

All The Light We Cannot See “All The Light We Cannot See”

Oil, with collage and Oil enamel on canvas; Size: 48x60

Don't Fence Me In “Don't Fence Me In”

Oil on Canvas; Size 43x50

The Journey #1 “The Journey #1”

Oil on Canvas; 30x40; this is the first in a diptych.

The Journey #2 “The Journey #2”

The second painting in a diptych; Oil on canvas; 30x40

Manhattan 1 “Manhattan 1”

This is the first painting in a triptych; Mixed mediums; 36x48

Manhattan 2 “Manhattan 2”

The second in a series: Mixed mediums on canvas; 36x48

Manhattan 3 “Manhattan 3”

The third painting in a series: Mixed mediums; 36x48

Santa Fe Summer “Santa Fe Summer”

Oil on canvas; 50x48

Summer In The City “Summer In The City”

Oil on canvas; 55x65

Lioness Awakened #2 “Lioness Awakened #2”

Oil on canvas; 36x36

Works on Paper

These artworks are all on paper; create in 2016-17

Joys and Sorrows “Joys and Sorrows”

Oil with oil pastel and oil pen on paper: 30x50

Praying to A God I Believe In “Praying to A God I Believe In”

Oil with collage and gold leaf on paper; 36x60

Ring Of Fire “Ring Of Fire”

Acrylic with collage and oil pen on paper; 40x36

Before Time Began “Before Time Began”

Oil on Paper 36x40