Lis Engel

Lis Engel

Location: Denmark

I am born at a small island, Bornholm, Denmark and now live and work in Humlebæk close to theartmuseum Louisiana north of Copenhagen.
I am autodidact as a painter, and find my inspiration in my everyday experiences in nature, music and poetry
I think of contemporary art as ways of communicating experiences of significance - intertwining life and and art -"as a dreaming voice of freedom, beauty and hope pointing toward radical aliveness and love of all life .

In this way my art is a cantillation of the living now and of the creative dimension in every living now.
Latest invited as a guest artist by Galleria MonteOliveto and s lot of international exhibitions e.g. Curated exhibitions: I Segnalati Edinburgh nov, 2015; Biennale Chianciano-Art Museum of Chianciano, september 2015; Art Expo, Future Memories, Venice, august 2015; Solo Exhibition at Marziart Hamburg Germany january 2015; Salon Gustave Eiffel 2014; Museum of America 2011; Firenze Biennale 2011, Gallery Broadway, New York 2011; Nyart Beijing Project 2011. See more at and instagram @kropstanke13 Contact and 0045 31689013


lis engel

son of the sun god. Size 80x80cm, acryl

Lärchen jubeln “Lärchen jubeln ”

spring cantillation where the birds are singing so that the sky and earth seems golden
the image is 100x100cm

a secret place “a secret place”

a somatic painting searching an expression of what is feels like "to become the sounds, the smell, the light and the movements of all the elements on a secret place in a small yet unknown wood in the neighborhood of the art Museum Louisiana

Loving touch “Loving touch”

This image is about the transformational power of loving embrace - the title is Loving touch.
Media: aryl on canvas, 40x40cm

the heartland as the key to transformation and creativity “the heartland as the key to transformation and creativity”

The image is inspired from a glimpse of a young couple very much involved with their two small children. They vibrated pure love- and it was a very beautiful experience that I just saw a short moment but remembered and had to paint. Oil on canvas 60x60cm