Edeltrude Arleitner

Edeltrude Arleitner

Location: Austria

Curriculum Vitae
Born in Leibnitz/Austria, Commercial Academy Bruck/Mur, business management studies as a co-operative program of work and study, education in sculpting by Petra Bammes and Mag.a Nikola Daskalov, ceramic techniques a.o. by Gustav Weiss and Patrick King, advanced training in art design, graphic and life drawing, extensive study trips. The Austrian Artist lives and works in a village in the upper part of Styria. Since childhood, arts and culture have been most important to her. Her intensive apprenticeship with academic artists was completed when she started her own studio in 1998.

To express fantasy, fiction and perception plastically is the intention of the artist. Perceiving means seeing, feeling and making aware – being able to reflect impressions soaked up by the senses. A particular concern is the confrontation with the social environment and she considers artists to have an obligation hereto. Her latest conceptually works show this matter clearly. The raw material for her sculpting may be all kinds of ductile material but ultimately clay as her favourite. Seeing the formal aspects, it is noticeable that she follows two different styles. On the one hand it is a natural and extreme form of expression whereas on the other, clear and reduced, leaning towards minimalism. She shows cycles and groups of sculptures which differentiate in subject as well as in aforementioned variables. All artworks are handmade and unique-pieces. She exhibits at home as well as abroad. Her works are represented in galleries, art houses and are part of private and public collections as well. International awards confirm her work as an artist and are motivation and tribute combined. Member of the Künstlerbund Graz and Biennale Austria Vienna.

Awards and Nominations
2005 Awarded Sculpture „Art/Addiction“, printed in Landkreis-Calendar 2006 Neuburg/Donau
2006 1. Prize – Int. Competition of Fine Art Seetal/Switzerland
2009 3. Prize – Int. Concorso Banca di Romagna S.p.A. – Ente Ceramica Faenza/Italy
2009 In Order of OÖ Ferngas AG – Award for the best member of management
2011 7. Int. Keramikbiennale kb2011, Kapfenberg/Austria
2012 2. Int. Ceramic Triennale Unicum 2012 in Maribor/Slovenia
2012 Ceramica Multiplex 2012, 4. Int. Festival of Postmodern Ceramics in Varazdin/Kroatien
2013 8. Int. Keramikbiennale KB 2013, Kapfenberg/Austria
2014 34. Int. Concorso CICA 2014 d’Alcora , Spain



stressless1 “stressless1”

raku-ceramic, copper-matt, height appr. 25 cm

stressless2 “stressless2”

raku-ceramic, copper-matt, height appr. 25 cm

stressless3 “stressless3”

raku-ceramic, copper-matt, length appr. 30 cm

half and half “half and half”

raku-ceramic, copper-matt, height each appr. 50 cm on wooden board, total length each board appr. 150 cm