Monica Garcia

My name is Monica Garcia and I was born on April 26, 1978 in Miami, Florida where I currently reside. My parents came from Cuba in 1967 where they met, married, and had my sister and I. I am first a generation Cuban-American and I am very proud of my heritage.
Ever since I was young, I had a great love for art. I would paint on anything and everything I could find, may it have been old pieces of wood, to scrap fabrics. I excelled in my art classes as a child and enjoyed every moment of it. In high school, I left art behind and returned to it later on in my early college years while attending Miami-Dade College. I grew as an artist quickly and changed my style as time went on. Most of my artistic refinement occurred while attending Florida International University where I received a Bachelors in Art Education. I was lucky enough to study under great masters such as Clive King. To this day, I see my style and technique evolve. I am experienced in various media and although I am mostly a painter, I work with mixed media as well. Finally, I received my Masters in Technology Integration from Nova Southeastern University where I attained experience in technology and have applied my expertise in building digital art portfolios and working with photo shop.
I am a middle school art educator as well as an artist. I enjoy my career and watching my students learn as they grow throughout the year. I try to install a deep love and appreciation for art in them, besides building on thier raw artistic talent, and hope they understand the importance of it in our lives.


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