Gerard Tunney

A lot of my work is influenced by experiences of travel so the imagery focuses on hotel facades, restaurants, yachts, marinas, cars(including classic cars/racing cars). I am particularly interested in reflections in windows and this is a pictorial device that underpins and unites all of my work. I am fascinated by the real and the abstract possibilities that reflections create


Reflections in cars and windows

reflections in restaurant windows and cars also city paintings.

Flypast “Flypast”

reflection of a jet aircraft in the side panel of a car

polo match reflection “polo match reflection”

A game of polo reflected in the side panel of a car

overlap “overlap”

two racing cars together neck and neck almost appear as one

overtaking “overtaking”

a group of racing cars attempts to overtake each creating a pattern of movement and abstract colours

Mont Carlo reflection “Mont Carlo reflection”

helmets of a group of racing drivers that overlap and create different patterns and shapes. the front cover of one helmet reflects a yacht in Monte Carlo bay