Location: Canada

As I Am


Coniferous Canvas

All paintings are on softwood, multiple paints, stains and custom colours, original work from myself all by hand start to finish, hand drawn, hand painted, hand built and hand carved hell rven some of the colours I hand made. Enjoy

Come join the MurdeR “Come join the MurdeR”

A murder of squawking, squalling crows in fligh, hand carved, freehand painting on a custom built coffee table mafe by myself. Enjoy

Early Bird “Early Bird”

Painted with several different media on pine wood,, completed early in the am, real esrly, 330esr am.

Light as a.. “Light as a..”

Again multiple styles of ink/paint/ colouring used to accentuate . Pine board surface.

In spirit, as above so below “In spirit, as above so below”

Fashioned on pine board, multiple colour media in use, designed to be sigil backdrop.. no the sigils are not present nor will they be for public viewing, if you are interested custom work can be created.

Stick and ink

These works are tattoos, designed and tattooed by myself. Canvas is skin, colours are colours anymore I want them to turn black

Eternal “Eternal”

Symbol, small design, simple, black

Eagle feather “Eagle feather”

Although done in black the image was designed by myself to represent an eagle feather, this was my first time doing a tatoo, first time tattooing myself.

Pen/Ink pictures

Some are sketches, some are pictures and some I was just fucking around doodling, enjoy.