A. Saptaji

A. saptaji

Location: Indonesia

There are so many million colours in life. I'm trying to absorbs all of them by heart, mind and soul then put them on canvas. I really love to mixed all colours freely. Hope my artworks will be usefull for all of you. Thanks for your appreciations. GBU.

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Title : Enlightment
Media : Oil on Canvas
Size : 100 cm x 70 cm

Enlightment ( 100 cm x 70 cm ) “Enlightment ( 100 cm x 70 cm )”

Boring life makes many people experience in saturation and boredom life.In the pursuit of mobility and convenience to live make human like a robot. There was even a man does not know the purpose and how to live it is beautiful happy, peace, and prosperous. And occasionally human beings do not understand how to use everything that they have to be beneficial not only for himself and for one another. Peace and tranquility heart and soul into the very expensive ... that man seeking how to become a real man ... an enlightenment hearts and souls is one way to it all.

Beauty of Urban's struggle “Beauty of Urban's struggle”

Human beings basically want the basic needs and desires are met. but they have struggled to realize the whole thing. Although it should go far left his hometown to big cities in pursuit of cit-mind. everything is at stake. for a great purpose requires sacrifice and struggle that big anyway. and the main goal was not successful but the maximum process committed to delivering to great success.

A Man, Love & Dignity

Title : A Man, Love & Dignity
Media : Oil on Canvas
Size : 100 cm x 70 cm

Hiden Love

Title : Hiden Love
Media : Oil on Canvas
Size : 40 cm x 40 cm

Love and Heart rhythm

Title : Love and Heart rhythm
Media : Oil on canvas
Size : 40 cm x 40 cm