Winston M Harrell

I am a African American Artist born in Oceanside California in 1958 but I grew up in Chicago Illinois. I started my artist career at the age of fourteen. In 1970 I participated in Mayor Daley’s summerYouth Program for inner city children.
The program focused teaching neighborhood inner city youth the value of art through the creations of Murals. To better fuel my curiosity for Art I later enrolled in a two year correspondence course for
commercial art thru Art Instruction Schools of Minneapolis Minnesota. Where I learned the basic principles of Art and illustration. My creative desire for learning continued as I completed the A.S. program for Culinary Art at Le Cordon Bleu of Chicago in 1997. To better equip myself with the changing world of computers, digital art and graphic design I enrolled in the Visual Communication Program for graphic design at Westwood College in Atlanta Georgia in 2006. Where I received my A.S. in computer
graphics and design.


African Sunn

Comprehensive Acrylic design hand painted and finished in Photoshop....

African Sunn “African Sunn”

Acrylic Illustration created And hand painted and finished in Photoshop....

Sitting on the porch “Sitting on the porch”

Playful image of a toddler getting into trouble... Ok n a Sunday afternoon

Moon Over Mesa “Moon Over Mesa”

Color illustation depicting the mess desert landscape...

A View from Heaven “A View from Heaven”

This beautiful story book Illustration was created in Acrylic paints and finished in Photoshop.

The Pastel Tiger “The Pastel Tiger”

This colorful Illustration was created from a photograph and the color changed to suit the artist

Neon Harvest “Neon Harvest ”

Colorful Illustration created from a photograph.painted in Acrylics