Gandom Mizban

Gandom Mizban ;
I started painting and sketching since I was 14 as a hobby, and it became one of my passions as I was growing up.
After finishing high school, I went to Art College and graduated in graphic journalism. I began painting landscape, portrait and still life in oil paint and I was really enjoyed it. But as times went by, my mind and thoughts were pulling me in a different direction and felt, a landscape will always be a landscape.
That’s when I became attracted towards abstract art, where it’s more open to interpretation and can take on a different meaning depending on when, how and who’s looking at it! Therefore, I decided to change my style to abstract paintings with acrylic. 

In order to follow my passion deeper and stronger I went back to college to learn newer skills and to be surrounded by various artists to socialize with and learn newer techniques in order to achieve higher levels.
I now continue my quest on a daily basis in my home studio where I find sanctuary and tranquility and where I can express my feelings on canvass to a new dimensions that satisfying to me and hope I can share some of these emotions with my friends and fans. ….life goes on


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