Melany Groothuis De Vries

Melany Groothuis, visual artist, was born in Amsterdam on 23 May 1972. She has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Around the age of 10, she drew portraits of her family members. She made her first oil painting at the age of twelve. After an orientation year at the Rietveld Academy, she eventually followed a course at the Royal Art Academy in Architectural Design.

In addition to her work as a visual artist, she is also an interior architect.

Melany gets her inspiration from everyday life. A special color spectrum in the sky or or socially topical theme. Usually this is a certain feeling or an emotion that she translates into her work.

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Moments in time

You are shaped by events in your life. All moments in your time, the one big and important and clear in your memory. The other vaguely and in the background or only in your subconscious. All moments in the time you are alive.