Brenda Hartill

I am a painter and experimental printmaker, specialising in embossing, texture, rich colours, organic forms and surfaces. For many years I developed my practice firstly in etching, and then collagraph, and in recent times, although my work is landscape based, I work mostly in the abstract. My latest works are using embossing as a basis for unique watercolours. I am a fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, (RE) based in London's Bankside gallery. I have written a book, Collagraph and mixed-media printmaking, and produced a 3 1/2 hour DVD showing my techniques. I sold world-wide when I lived in London and I live in Sussex now. I have had a break from working while my husband was ill, and am now enjoying producing images again with a new series of embossed images enriched with silver and gold.


Brenda Hartill, Paintings and Prints

This shows a range of works, from Limited edition etchings and collagraphs, to encaustic paintings, collages and embossed watercolours

Great Blue SongI “Great Blue SongI”

embossed watercolour, 82x110cm

Blue Plantation V “Blue Plantation V”

embossed watercolour, 54x73cm, unique

Earth Song III “Earth Song III”

embossed watercolour 73x54cm,unique

Primeval Land II “Primeval Land II”

Collagraph, limited edition 100, image 37x58cm, paper 56x76cm

Spring Song I “Spring Song I”

embossed watercolour 39x58cm, unique

Great Rainbow Song I “Great Rainbow Song I”

embossed watercolour 82x110cm, unique

Winter Poem I “Winter Poem I”

black pastel on embossing, 39x58cm unique

Golden Icon I “Golden Icon I”

Collaged etching, edition 100 76x56cm (paper), 50x40cm (image)

Golden Primeval Land II “Golden Primeval Land II”

Collagraph, limited edition 100, 76x56cm(paper), 39x58cm(image)

Inferno I “Inferno I”

Collagraph, edition 100, 66x56(paper), 49x46(image)

Singing I “Singing I”

embossed watercolour, image 40x50, unique

Lightening I “Lightening I”

Embossed watercolour, 58x56cm, unique

Lightening II “Lightening II”

embossed watercolour 58x56cm (image)

Blue Earth I “Blue Earth I”

Collagraph with silver leaf, limited edition etching, 37x37cm(paper), 25x25cm(image)

Alchemy III “Alchemy III”

Collaged etching with gold and copper leaf, 76x56cm(paper), 50c40cm(image)