Karla Duterloo

About the Artist:
I am a Dutch Award winning mosaic artist and I have been making mosaics for over 14 years on all kind of surfaces with different materials. I have made bathroom floors, garden sculptures, functional and decorative mosaics, 2D and 3D mosaics ( trophy Heads) and Fine Art mosaic.

My work is held in various countries in Europe and other continents. I am the author of a Dutch Arts and Craftsbook “Wereldhandvaardigheid” and my mosaic work is featured in Mastering Mosaics , The Mosaic yearbook and Mosaic Madness.

I am the initiator of 2 successful global Mosaic Charity Projects.( London and Nepal)

I studied Arts and Crafts and Recreation Art Therapy in the Netherlands and attended over the years a diversity of mosaic Master courses in Italy. I have been teaching in the UK, in Switzerland and South Africa to students of all levels.

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The Mosaics are made by Designer/Mosaic Artist Karla Duterloo
I include African beadwork in my work to involve the community and crafters around me, collaborate, empower, transform and improve their lives, as well as to creatively inspire and challenge each other and to set up new creative applications for both parties.

I specialise in 20 by 20 cm abstract mosaic squares to collect and Trophy gemsbok and bullheads on woodcarvings.

Artist Statement "Trophy Heads"

Having moved from London to Cape Town, the first changes that caught my eye
immediately was the beautiful landscape but even more so the beautiful wildlife
scattered throughout the landscape all the way through the city, mountains and
oceans. I quickly realised the threat to the South African wildlife, as such as I was
drawn to create art that would create dialogue about this issue.

Not only is the subject matter of my work inspired by the land, the materials I choose
to incorporate into my work are often locally sourced. My work has allowed me to
collaborate with local crafts men. These men share their experiences and stories about
colours and the traditional use of beading within African culture and craft.

The collaboration has allowed for a synergy to from whereby we both challenge each
other and build upon each other’s strength. As such, my work has led me to the road
less travelled. I am continuously inspired by my surroundings; from the landscape,
wildlife and the people that always led me to new designs and applications of
different materials.

Trophy heads “Trophy heads”

More Nguni heads on

Gems "bokkies" “Gems "bokkies"”

Mosaic gemsbok, wood carved, decorated with glass and tribal beads, African jewellery and beadwork and handmade glass fusions.

Mosaic squares “Mosaic squares”

Mosaic blocks 20 by 20 cm in vibrant colours

Mosaic prints “Mosaic prints”

I digi- print the designs of my mosaic blocks on textile.
Prints for shatter Cushions and Canvas

Mosaics squares "My Dreams" “Mosaics squares "My Dreams" ”

The "Dream" series is a collection of mosaic squares 20 by 20 cm that can be bought individually, collected and arranged in your interior in the quantities and configuration you wish.

The theme of the squares are all abstract.

African Disk “African Disk”

Disk with African elements and beadwork

Reflexion “Reflexion”

Beaded robe art and mosaic

Deer-Drie “Deer-Drie”

Deer head with beads