Rudolf Lichtenegger

Rudolf Lichtenegger

Location: Austria

Since my birth in 1962 in Kapfenberg, nothing in my life resembled an artistic activity until December 2006. Always more interested in technology and sports, I hardly noticed works of art and divided them into only three categories: "Like me", "Not like me" and "Why so expensive?" At Christmas 2006, I took for the first time brush and paint in hand to put some "graffiti" on a canvas. This "color bauble" showed not only its own harmony but also its own dynamics and found first admirers in my circle of relatives and acquaintances. Encouraged by the positive response, a variety of work from abstract to landscape paintings and portraits quickly appeared.

Being an autodidact, I'm experimenting with colors and shapes, using a variety of materials and techniques, and adding them altogether on one canvas. I've developed both the applied paint and plaster techniques and work with the most varied of materials as well as color compositions with different degrees of light and shade. I have never attended a course or a seminar of painting.

Often my education at the school of metalworking HTBL Kapfenberg is in my works of art. Therefore the three-dimensional, sculptural images are not only for viewing but also for demanding understanding and sometimes for aggressively provoking a response. Even impressions of travel, from walks and trips in the blue or the green are reflected in my work. Often the paintings develop from my moods and provide evidence that I myself intensively deal with the transient finite being of all things. Hopelessness, however, is not the focus but again and again the focus is upon the emergence of new courage, new ways and bright spots.

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Spontaneous Diversity

'Spontaneous diversity' - no red, blue or green phases, not only landscapes, nor pure abstractions or portraits are within the focus of my artistic works, but the attempt to reflect the spontaneity of life in my pictures with all its bright and dark sides.