Grant M Wilson

I am a largely Digital Artist, resident in Edinburgh: Scotland's Capital City.


Digital drawing from 2023/ 2024

Here You will find a small selection of My drawing created in 2023, and 2024. All uploaded drawings and sketches are annotated with either Year!

Caller with-held their number. “Caller with-held their number.”

Digital drawing from 5th December 2023. I drew this with Clip Studio, adding small amounts of detail in Corel Painter 2023.

Happy landings “Happy landings”

What started as a straight sketch of Marilyn Monroe/ Norma Jean Mortensen, became this passive artwork! I felt in a good mood creating it is entitled: "Happy landings!"

Feeble minded, but I forgot. “Feeble minded, but I forgot.”

Drawing from 2023. I used Clip studio to draw this, with Graphics tablet!! ;-)