Lyn Olsen

Lyn Olsen

Location: Australia

My art career began in 2001 after a serious illness and has steadily progressed over the years after much brush mileage, to my current position of being able to hold solo exhibitions in Australia and be invited to show in group exhibitions in Italy, New York and Hong Kong.

Spurred on by the colours of my homeland, Australia, my approach to a blank canvas is an exciting journey as I drip acrylic inks and let them dry to create a starting point. By splashing, throwing, rolling acrylic paint and tilting the canvas, coral creations, start to appear. Colour is my driving force and at this point a few brush strokes are added to create another aquatic wonder, which makes up the main body of my work.

Corporate and private commissions have been undertaken over the years with clients returning time and time again. I love to teach and enjoy sharing my artistic skills with others.

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Aquatic Wonders

These works are my impression of life within The Great Barrier Reef, often depicting reef fish, but focusing on the wonder of coral.

Amongst The Coral “Amongst The Coral”

Acrylic ink & artist quality acrylic paint.

Lonely Pink Fish “Lonely Pink Fish”

Acrylic ink and artist quality acrylic paint.

Five Black Fish “Five Black Fish”

Painted with acrylic inks and acrylic artist quality paint, this painting evolved depicting coral and fish of The Great Barrier Reef.