Bruce N Griffiths

Bruce N Griffiths

Location: Australia

Artist Bruce N. Griffiths 1

Artist Bruce Griffiths still works by the modem, never paint where you haven’t been and never paint what you cannot feel. A lifetime of fishing and the bush has instilled a love of the outdoors, which is the preferred subject of his paintings. Through his brush, Bruce reveals the natural beauty of Australia. He is always looking to capture the mood and atmosphere of the sea and his beloved country landscapes.
A watercolour artist in the traditional style and largely self-taught since picking up a brush in 2002. Bruce pays tribute to the guidance in the use of colour in watercolour in the hands of world renowned Australian based artists Robert Wade, Robert Lovett, Greg Allen, David Taylor & Joseph Zbukvic - a very rich heritage to widen your horizons. It simply opened my eyes to what was possible.”
Bruce admits there is art in the blood. “My father was a wonderful drawer of characters although he never published professionally. All my family is creative; musicians, dressmakers or artists of some kind. I was a late bloomer and now there is never enough time to paint”. Bruce is a prize winning artist and exhibitor from Hervey Bay North, Murwillumbah South and west to Warwick & Stanthorpe. Bruce has also joined in group showings and many of his works can be viewed on this website. In addition, he has works on display in Tweed Ultima Conference Facility at Tweed Heads, Monet’s Garden Art Gallery and Bruce Watling Fine Art Gallery, Gold Coast (61 7 5531 4781) as Gold Coast home to a growing selection of Bruce's artwork.
His first solo exhibition was held March 2008 at Lovett Gallery, West Burleigh. That was followed up with a much larger solo exhibition of some seventy two pieces in 2009 at Watling Galleries, Southport. He is currently looking for an opportunity in Perth to display a forty piece solo exhibition from his West Australian trip.


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