Ela Mierzecka-pain

Ela Mierzecka-Pain

Location: Australia

Ela Mierzecka-Pain is an inspirational artist.

She likes to use the communication of art as a skilful or artful way to uplift the spirit and inspire what is the best in us.

Ela is an international person, born and raised in Poland, lived and further educated in England (National Diploma in Design specialisation in photography), came to Australia in 2001. She is very active in arts, most prolific in her paintings but loves photography and any uplifting creative endeavour.
She is a very avid student of philosophy and wisdom for Life.
Always looking and learning new ways to enhance our life on this planet.

Hope you can feel that positive energy in her art!



The Infinite Hues of Life

The dance of the spirit.

Magic walk. “Magic walk.”

Never too much colour and joy!

Outback. “Outback.”

Outback, it's strong, colours and energy.

Qvo Vadis “Qvo Vadis”

Do we take the time to reflect on where are we going...?