Jian Reza

Jian Reza

Location: Sweden

I was born in Baghdad and managed to live in several different countries before I landed in Sweden as a 20-year-old. In my paintings people from all over the world appear and I prefers to capture the attitude rather than the details.

My paintings are vivid and expressive. Focusing on the feeling of the motifs, I gets my inspiration from the people around me. Above all, I'm fascinated by the inherent strength of women.

I acquired the knowledge of drawing from my father early on and drew throughout my upbringing. When I educated myself and had children, I put it aside, until one day I decided to paint my daughter's room. Instead of hanging artwork, I made a painting directly on the wall and the artwork received a lot of attention from friends and acquaintances. I started taking classes and tried everything from oil painting to acrylic.

The works are vibrant and colorful and often a pattern moves across the canvas.

The driving force is to constantly develop and create something new, and although I sees many challenges in painting, I takes them in stride.


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