Barbara Thomason Mfa

Sometimes life is different than one expects.
Making art for me is a meditation that is constantly moving and evolving, swimming in the currents of life. The media I use depends on where I am.

Barbara Thomason MFA


ART 2009 - 2014

Paintings created during 2009- 2014.

Working mostly in acrylics, I work in layers. A painting may take several months or more to come to the level of presence that represents the content. The process of bringing out the image is a very organic one as the image will talk back to me and the final form is the result of this dialogue. Many times I have to set my intellect aside in order to be with the image evolving.

Daddy what are you doing? “Daddy what are you doing?”

16inx20in on canvas, mixed media 2009-2011

Mangrove Swamp “Mangrove Swamp”

Started 2009, finished 2010
Acrylic on canvas, 48 in x 36 in
The Swamp has a life of its own. Many life forms make the swamp their home.
The Piranha coexist with other lifeforms.
This image is a reminder to be aware of the life around us.

Fukashima “Fukashima”

Acrylic on masonite, 48in x 24in, 2011
This image was painted before Fukashima took place.
It manifested to me and I was compelled to paint it some 3 weeks
before the disaster took place.

Release “Release”

36inx24in acrylic on canvas, started 2009
I found some cutouts in the trash.
The image is about the release of spirit from flesh.
As I was dealing with death the metaphor was timely. In the background there is a skeleton
coming apart. Butterflies represent spirit moving on as we never die.

The Family - Plight or Flight? “The Family - Plight or Flight?”

48inx36in, acrylic on masonite/whiteboard with gold accents
The family unit is the bedrock of humanity.
The disintegration of the family is in itself a destabilizing of the organizing force for progress.
There is a choice to be made.

Eyes of an Artist “Eyes of an Artist”

14inx 8in Acrylic on paper, sketch 2010

Painting - 1981 - 1994

Contains paintings from the Exhibit "Mixed Emotions" 1981, design and book work done in 1992-94

Puberty 1981 “Puberty 1981”

48inx48in acrylic on canvas, 1981 Mixed Emotions Series.
The young girl has just entered Puberty. The older women are warning her not to do what they have done.

Joy 1984 “Joy 1984”

Cut paper, collage the chinese (Mandarin) symbol for Joy is in the background. The horse represents the unspoken communications from the life force. The horse brings messages from the invisible. The horse also symbolizes victory. In this image the victory over the darkness of sadness.