Owen Fletcher

I'm from Denton, Texas. I've been painting for about 2 years, off and on. I'm self-taught in art and music. :) Love to use Acrylic, and Oils..... and Digital Enhancement. Good to be here. :)


Canvas to Digital paintings

A collection of my artwork converted from canvas to digital.

Heart of the Matter “Heart of the Matter”

Oil painting involving matters of the heart. :)

 Captive Honor “ Captive Honor”

Digital enhancement of my original oil painting. Honor, and the forces surrounding it. :)

Invisible Girl “Invisible Girl”

Mother Nature's invisible force. The evidence of things unseen. :)

Under Fire “Under Fire”

One nation......Under Fire, with Liberty and Justice for all.

 Mask of Solitude “ Mask of Solitude”

Some masks seem to hide the truth, and others seem to tell it.