Visual artist and conceptual photographer Leon van der Flier, a.k.a. FLIER!, simply has creativity flowing through his veins.

It is through photography he was able to capture the best stories and visuals. The only way he knows: stubborn and sassy ; the Flier! Way. His works are full of multi-tiered levels. Not just the picture perfect, but a visual that tells a story ; touching the essence. As a spectator, one becomes mesmerized by his art. It invites you on a journey of freedom and authenticity.

Flier! chose to study at the Urban Institute of Ornamental Art and Craftmanship in Antwerp (Belgium), to no surprise. When he got his degree in 1997, Flier started his career as a photographer. Firstly for various photo studios ; from 2004 he decided to go freelance. Throughout the years Flier! developed his own particular style. He creates works of art for sale. Additionally Flier creates special projects, commissioned by companies, institutions as well as private people.

His imagery concept goes above and beyond the ordinary by inspiring art-lovers with self-created art- projects and exhibitions. Flier’s multiple award-winning work has been featured in various magazines.


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