Yuliya Martynova

Born in 1980 in a small industrial town on the coast of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan, Yuliya was trained as a visual artist before she moved to London where she currently lives. She spends many hours continuously developing her style in combined media and particularly enjoys working with large scale watercolours.

Her bright coloured technique is focused on creating multi-layered pieces inlaid with suspended like motives that flawlessly fit into any interior while generously filling the space with calm and positive energy. Working with oils she enhances her canvases with vivid contrasts and textured surfaces. Each takes months to complete and some feature more than fifteen finest paint layers. Elaborately bringing to life sometimes complex compositions, Yuliya’s work excites with myriad of details. They discretely blend in when her art observed from a distance while offering joy of discovery at far closer look.