Jordana Hanono

Jordana Hanono is a 19-year-old Syrian artist whose passion for art ignited at a young age. From the moment she first picked up a paintbrush, she knew that painting would become an integral part of her life. With unwavering determination and a creative spirit, Jordana has embarked on a remarkable artistic journey that has led her to explore various styles and materials, creating evocative works of art.
Jordana's artistic pursuits led her to the School of Visual Arts, where she honed her skills and expanded her creative horizons. During her time there, she had the opportunity to participate in a nude drawing and painting class, which deeply influenced her artistic vision. This formative experience gave rise to a significant aspect of her work today, characterized by a delicate exploration of the female human form. Today, Jordana attends Hunter college and is pursuing art there as well.
The onset of the global pandemic brought about unforeseen challenges, but Jordana, undeterred, saw an opportunity within the confines of quarantine. She seized the extra time and dedicated herself to painting every day, transforming her living space into a sanctuary of creativity. This intense period of artistic exploration allowed her to delve into a wide range of styles, from nude art and realism to pop art and abstract expressionism.
She fearlessly experiments with unconventional materials, seeking to transcend the boundaries of traditional artistry. Diamond dust, gold foil, pearls, studs, Swarovski crystals, and other remarkable elements find their way into her creations, adding a unique quality to her artwork.
Jordana's artistic process is deeply personal, driven by her profound emotions and her desire to convey the human experience in all its complexity. Her works often evoke a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, inviting viewers to reflect upon their own emotions and perceptions. Through her art, she aims to explore the multifaceted nature of human existence, capturing fleeting moments of beauty, passion, and introspection. Her relentless pursuit of artistic growth continue to propel her forward on her creative journey. With each stroke of the brush and every daring artistic experiment, she strives to leave an indelible mark on the world of art and inspire others to embrace their own creative passions.


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