Kay Lipton


Location: Australia

Kay Lipton’s Statement 2013
Since 2005 I have been exploring the notion of Classical Music inspiring Art.
In past In my early years I had been influenced so much by the Impressionist artists, whom I studied extensively during my art training and further study of Art History at the Queensland University.
It is only now that I have found my true métier and have discovered an individual style that is truly my own. I use some of the latest digital technology with which I have become proficient, together with other mixed media.
I listen to a piece of classical music extensively to absorb the message of the composer, and I do a great deal of research about the piece.
Thus I produce my present works of art. KL

My Autobiography as displayed on this page:

ISBN 0781908481078
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The present Theme of Kay Lipton's ART

I am inspired by Music, Both Classical and JAZZ.

HANDEL `Cantata `Sleepers Awake' “HANDEL `Cantata `Sleepers Awake'”

Boxed canvas 76cm x 102cm x 4cm

Le Carnival des Animaux “Le Carnival des Animaux”

Le Carnival de Animaux 93cm x 102cm x 4cm


This is a wall feature created in Satin and Mule wood
For Sale $10,000 zzalipto@optusnet.com.aa
Kay Lipton www.artlipton.net

HAYDN: The SUN Concerto “HAYDN: The SUN Concerto”

This painting is still for SALE from my recent September Exhibition at the 100th. Gallery South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
fastgrll@optusnet.com.au for further information. Present Price AU$14000.00

KAY LIPTON Sefl-Portrait “KAY LIPTON Sefl-Portrait”

I also have painted many portraits.
This is my style for that series.
Kay Lipton


The Gallery in Melbourne `100th Gallery' Director: Charles Hardman
who is the present agent of Kay Lipton's Art Works

September 2015 Successful AUCTION “September 2015 Successful AUCTION”

Kay Lipton is known for her work in East Africa in the fifties.
These works were from her Research Safaris, which now have been successfully
auctioned at ROSEBERYS LONDON AUCTION HOUSE September 8th-9th, 2015

WAGNER: The Ride of the Valkyries “WAGNER: The Ride of the Valkyries”

This diptych oils on canvas is one of the `music themes' by Kay Lipton
that SOLD on first showing.