Jill English

Jill English is an artist not defined by style but her soul. Jill's images are a reflection of her journey, both happiness and heartbreak.

Her abstracts display a bold depth of color and strong texture with a softness and rhythm that is beautiful. Her portraits capture the pose, the strength and personality of whoever she paints. An ambitious and very motivated artist, she paints with true passion. Her artwork is constantly evolving and she promises a future of producing work that will be even more inspirational. http://jillenglish.com


Abstract Art

The place where texture and paint collide.

Dragonfly 2 “Dragonfly 2”

24" X 48" • Oil on Canvas

Wild Flowers “Wild Flowers”

24" X 16 " • Oil on Masonite

Luminaries “Luminaries”

A friend of mine who lost a child sends up luminaries each year to celebrate her life. I was so inspired by this event that I couldn't wait to get to my studio and paint! This triptych is layered in turquoise and bright reds... The two end panels are 16" X 24" and the center panel is 20" X 24."

Blue Sonata “Blue Sonata”

I share my art studio with my husband's music studio... often times he plays while I work. Much of my art is inspired by music but this piece seemed to take flight with each note in the air. Blue, silver, brownish black and a slight gold accent make up this abstract composition. http://www.recklessabandongallery.com

Love Knot! “Love Knot!”

Black & white mixed with gold, copper and warm cream tones make up this abstract palette. There is 3D texture laced throughout this art that creates movement. This over-sized gallery wrapped canvas is painted to the outer edges and ready to hang. http://www.recklessabandongallery.com


People who make you think.

I Light My Own “I Light My Own”

36" X 36" • Acrylic on Canvas

Meow “Meow”

30" X 40" • Acrylic on Canvas

The Groupie “The Groupie”

36" X 36" • Acrylic on Canvas