Candace Knapp

After working for many years as a sculptor with public art commissions and shows in museums and galleries, I have started a new life as a painter. This is challenging and exciting. I am seeing the world with new eyes. I paint my way into imaginary spaces filled with colors and shapes. Though I take photographs for inspiration, I seek to go beyond the literal and enter a mysterious symbolic landscape.


Nature Variations

I am inspired by nature but instead of painting it in a literal way, I look at the shapes and colors as something abstract.
In this way an ordinary plant or water reflection turns into a different kind of experience, another world.

Through Bamboo “Through Bamboo”

acrylic on canvas, 30 by 24 inches.

Orange Leaf Morning “Orange Leaf Morning”

acrylic on canvas, 30 by 24 inches

Sunset “Sunset”

acrylic on canvas, 30 by 24 inches