Claudia Aguilera

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, but presently living and working in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, USA, Claudia creates visually stimulating portraits through bursts of vibrant colors.

From a young age, Claudia instinctively came to the understanding of the full-color spectrum and the relationship of forms and shapes and the ability to express that understanding onto a canvas. Over the years, this gift has grown passionately into a masterfully harnessed talent, so much that she’s become renowned for her specialization in Mixed Media Art known for exclusionary portraits.

Using alcohol-based inks as a medium, Claudia highlights her characters with striking backgrounds and vibrant colors reflecting the beauty and fluidity of the inks - crafting pieces almost impossible to ignore. Her work has gained status in a number of large, renowned exhibitions and more


The Impressionist

Series of impressionist paintings