Location: Lithuania

My current artworks include oil paintings and pastel drawings. Passionate,urgent, sensual, in search of higher Consciousness - these words describe their vital aspects. These works evolved from a serious pursuit to rely on my desire for beauty.

The process of creation begins by relating non-physical source (pure emotion) translating that source through colour and shape to the material body of artwork. Through the senses of the human being to the finished piece of art.

Painting slowly, using multi-layered technique and limited palette, I put myself into the feelings of my subjects, as they display their symbols of sensuality. The pictures are simultaneously mysterious and over helming , as the other reality in a dream is.



Symbolic portraits which represents different levels of human emotions and experiences.

`Attachment` “`Attachment`”

This is how I imagine attachment between two people.

`Eternal spectator` “`Eternal spectator`”

Person who tries to recreate bond between himself and God.

`Dolly` “`Dolly`”

A humorous story about a girl, which is more dolly to others then an actually human being.

`False Ego` “`False Ego`”

This painting depicts a woman, who is completely over helmed by her false ego.