Phyllis Chua

Phyllis Chua

Location: Taiwan

I’m Phyllis Chua from Malaysia and settled down in Taiwan. I graduated from the Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University. I was not determined to become an anthropologist, but instead was fond of color and design of patterns. Through the travel, I visited different countries and explored the diverse and fascinating cultures of foreign people. All these fulfilled my mind and was therefore looking forward to the worldwide beautiful colors and hoping to share them with more people. I love to collect the treasures of nature, and is full of curiosity and great enthusiasm for the nature. This interest derived from the influences of two most important persons in my life – my parents. My father is an orchid plantation expert and my mother is a professional tailor. Due to the influence of family environment in my childhood, I turned from hand-painted creation to surface pattern design, and indirectly became a surface pattern designer. Therefore, I use digital printing to present my creation in life, to enhance the value of my work, and at the same time achieve the combination of art and life.
In the summer of 2016, my design brand Phyllis van CHUA was launched.
I am good at using watercolor and technical pen to create on water color paper. Hand-painted painting style can better present strength, trace and hand-painted temperature. Sometimes plant rubbings are used to show the richness and layering of the work. In addition to the above, I also like collage telling inner stories.
I has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in many cities around the world, including Taipei City, Shanghai, London, Paris and Zurich. My work is highly sought after and has been licensed for use in textiles and fashion.


Infinite Life

The works in this exhibition mainly convey the relationship between human beings and the natural environment, and the vitality and positive energy emanating from plants, awakening everyone to protect the earth, love the earth, and love life while enjoying nature. I am good at combining various media, such as watercolor, marker pen, technical pen, botanical rubbing, liquid watercolor, collage, etc. to present my works.

Infinite Life “Infinite Life”

The rich and lush view of the coexistence of nature and human beings to create a beautiful new world.

Tree of Life (I) Day “Tree of Life (I) Day”

Full of vitality and energy, let's learn positive thinking from nature.

Tree of Life (II) Night “Tree of Life (II) Night”

Full of romantic imagery.

Four Season “Four Season”

With year-round colors and landscapes, the small circles in the background represent phytoncides and snow in winter.

Colourful Earth “Colourful Earth”

A beautiful world of coexistence.