Dido De Beer

Pop icons and movie stars have always inspired me. Growing up, music was my escape, transporting me through time with memories connected to each song. Now as an artist, I aim to capture that nostalgic feeling. My graphic style lends itself to bold colors and energetic brushstrokes across large canvases just detailed enough to identify the famous face. I find the human expression endlessly fascinating to observe and recreate. Music fills my studio during the artistic process, influencing the mood and direction of each piece. Through my vibrant, pop-inspired paintings, I hope to provide that same sense of joy and healing that art and music have brought me.
My portraits are all original works, hand-painted in acrylic on canvas with nuanced brushwork and an eye for detail.
I exhibit my art internationally, with showings across Europe.



Harry Styles

In my artwork, I have used the vibrancy of acrylic paint to create a pop art portrait that sparkles with color and emotion. The dynamic brushstrokes and splashing drops of paint convey a sense of movement and passion, which will bring an infectious cheerfulness to any room. It is an expression of freedom and the spirit of pop culture that Harry Styles also expresses with his music.


In addition to Harry Styles's artwork, I made it in another more free art form from what I usually do. I decided to make another painting in this style and Amy, with her amazing eyes was the right person to be on this painting. So sad that such an incredible artist dies too young. That's why I honor her with another painting.