Marina Margo Gromenko

Marina MarGo Gromenko

Location: Ukraine

Artist, curator of art projects.
Born in 14.05 1974 in Riga, Latvia.
From 1984 - 1993. Art studio of painting and drawing.
Since 1992 - 1993 . School of Design.
Since 2003. training on specialty artist-designer in Kiev National University of Culture and the Arts, the Department of Doctor of Philosophy, artist, member of the union of artists of Ukraine, Professor J.G. Legenky.
In 2008. graduated with a degree of Master of Design.
From 2007-2009 Teaching the course "Design and planning of clothes", "History of Fashion", "Basic Tracks" in Fashion Academy.
From 2009, a member of the charity Art Artists' Association "Golden Palette".
My paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, Russia (St. Petersburg) and Israel.
I live and work in Kiev, Ukraine.
I work in the genre of neo-fovism, expressionism and original technique. On cloths displays its positive sense the world around us. Preference is given to interesting for me to color and composite solutions.