Klemens Seeger

Klemens Seeger

Location: Germany

Born 1966 in Germany
Love the ART since i can think,....
and painting and sketching in school times like mad,..lol,
even on our wooden tables in school,...
they hated us for that,...lol

Now i paint in oil, acrylic, water color or chinese ink, sketching
with graphit or water suitable pencils,...

painting animals on stones,...
my main theme is the lovely female portrait or nude art

i like all what makes fun in art


Who wants to write me, or get in contact, feel free to do so,...
....i like to get some news, or try facebook

enter just my name,....


My Art

my way of painting

Katherine “Katherine”

a nice lady in acrylic

We walk this Life “We walk this Life”

Acrylic on canvas, 80x100 cm