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_WDA - WilDesignArt

Location: Italy

My name is Giovanni Dal Cin, I'm an architect and I live and work in Varese, Italy. I design and realize upcycle design objects, furnishings and accessories, mainly using recycled pieces, old work tools, demolition building materials, beached woods and rusty irons. Testimonies of a skilful craft work now disused, or simple waste, I like to rethink them through a creative reuse. Since 2014 I have created the WDA brand WilDesignArt and through the project "Every thing is illuminated ...", I produce lamps and light installations, both as single pieces and in small series. Always starting from the recovery of objects that strike me, in terms of shape and materials, I am fascinated by the idea of ​​giving them a second chance, combining them with each other or adding new elements. I assemble them dry only with mechanical systems, without the use of glues, with particular attention to their future re-disposal. In this original expressive research, the insertion of light as a new function, in particular using LED technology, plays a dual role, of actualization and enhancement, overlapping with its immateriality to forms that, while remaining recognizable, always give surprising effects.


"Everything is illuminated..."

Self-production of lamps and light installations, both as unique pieces and in small series, of upcycle design.

Stecca Lamp “Stecca Lamp”

Table lamp made with old wooden yard double meters and led strip.

Colibrì Lamp “Colibrì Lamp”

Table lamp made with crushed potatoes in aluminum and wooden hangers

Bagat lamp “Bagat lamp”

Table lamp made with old shapes and wooden brushes for shoes