Tom Brewitz

As an artist and sculptor, Tom Brewitz continues adding to a body of work that spans 30 years creating wind-generated outdoor stabiles that utilize the environment to energize its motion. Indoors, Brewitz carries through with hanging mobiles and hand generated floor and table-top kinetic stabiles with brushed stainless planes or colorful patterns of shapes moving gracefully, reflecting the surroundings and dazzling the eye.

His playful Calder-like hanging mobiles stay in motion. He finishes them with a combination of brushwork and other surface treatment to brass, copper and stainless. There are also baked on colors and a variety of texture. His work creates a sense of interaction and movement between the sculptural elements and the architecture. A soft air current or a gentle touch sends the elements on an enchanting dance. At rest, his work stands majestic, counter-poised and aligned.

Brewitz combines juxtapose geometric shapes blended aesthetically while painstakingly balancing the sculpture
to be sensitive and capable of movement with heavy or lightweight elements. With lively mobiles that provide an ever-changing drama of color, shape, and whimsy to outdoor massive metallic object gracefully swaying in a garden setting or commercial exposure his pieces fit a myriad of sites.

As he developed his mastery of kinetic sculpture, Brewitz also took a career in graphic design and photography. His illustration talent allowed Brewitz to create portraits for reproduction, logos, and printed media. Brewitz’ photography is featured in magazines, advertising, posters, and books.


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