Alexander Bezrodnykh

Bezrodnykh Alexander - an artist from St. Petersburg. He works in a variety of styles of oil painting, and also makes to order copies of classical painting (Dutch still life, impressionism). By profession muralist, that is a specialist in mural painting: mosaic, sgraffito, stained glass, fresco painting.
He graduated from the Chelyabinsk Art School (1976 - 1980 gg.) ,, Leningrad Higher School of Industrial Art im.V.I.Muhinoy (1983-1988.). Now Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy. Since 1988 participated in exhibitions of the Union of Artists, also in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Many of the works sold and are in private collections "galleries" in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Poland, the Czech Republic.
Completed mosaic of 200 square meters in 1989: end walls of the House of Children's Creativity.
In 1990 he took part in the painting of 345 square meters in the children's hospital.
In 1994 he participated in the painting of the cathedral, semi-dome radius R-7m height H-7m. City Chernovtsy; Western Ukraine.
In 1999 he carried out 14 paintings, Size: 60h80sm "Way of Christ" for the church and the city of Leba, Poland.
I participated in the open air:
1998-2003- Leba, Poland.
1999-2003-Smoldzhino, Poland.
2001-2003-Veliky Ustyug, northern Russia.
2004 solo exhibition in Pruszcz Gdanski (May 3-May 16), Poland; He participated in the exhibition "International Art in Vessenshaftpark" (May 27-August 14), Germany.
2005 g.Inta, Polar Urals.
June 2006-personal exhibition in Pruszcz Gdanski, Poland
June 2006 open-air g.Tchev .Polsha.Vystavka June-July
2006 Exhibition g.Varshava.Polsha.sentyabr
20.3-20.4 / 2008-personal exhibition Sestroretsk


painting 2016

Work done in 2016

February. winter “February. winter”

oil on canvas.75x100 cm.2016.

Autumn “Autumn”

oil on canvas.60x80cm/2016

Bakur Island “Bakur Island”

oil on canvas.60x80 cm.2016..Bakur Island. lake Vuoksa

The lake autumn “The lake autumn”

oil on canvas.50x75 cm.2016.

 lake Vuoksa.Island's “ lake Vuoksa.Island's”

oil on canvas.50x70 cm.2016.

lilies of the valley “lilies of the valley”

oil on canvas.30x40 cm.2016.

With grapes “With grapes”

oil on canvas.30x40 cm.2016.

backwater “backwater”

oil on hardboard.36x50 cm. 2016

Lake. Evening “Lake. Evening”

oil on hardboard.30x50 cm. 2016

Roses “Roses”

oil on hardboard.15x20 cm. 2016

Dawn on Lake “Dawn on Lake”

oil on hardboard .16x25 cm.2016

The edge of the island “The edge of the island”

oil on hardboard .33x50 cm.2016

Summer . lake Vuoksa “Summer . lake Vuoksa”

oil on hardboard .30x50 cm.2016

Larches “Larches”

oil on hardboard .30x56 cm.2016

In the fairway “In the fairway”

oil on hardboard .36x65 cm.2016

Autumn on the River “Autumn on the River”

oil on hardboard .33x50 cm.2016

The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island “The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island”

oil on hardboard .30x50 cm.2016

Sunny Island “Sunny Island”

oil on hardboard .37x29 cm.2016

Clover. cooking “Clover. cooking”

oil on hardboard.31,5x26 cm. 2016

peonies “peonies”

oil on hardboard.34x47,5 cm. 2016

painting 2015

Work done in 2015

chamomile. cornflowers “chamomile. cornflowers”

oil on canvas.50x60 cm.2015

river Kozhim “river Kozhim”

oil on canvas.34x44 cm.2015

A ford “A ford”

oil on hardboard.36,5x50 cm. 2015

bird cherry Bouquet “bird cherry Bouquet”

oil on hardboard.33x55 cm. 2015

Cows “Cows”

oil on hardboard.36x50 cm. 2015

Spring . Morning “Spring . Morning”

oil on hardboard.35x65 cm. 2015

view from the island “view from the island”

oil on hardboard.47,5x34 cm. 2015

Hot Summer “Hot Summer”

oil on hardboard.30x50 cm. 2015

Morning on the river “Morning on the river”

oil on hardboard.35x65 cm. 2015

Poppies on field “Poppies on field”

oil on hardboard.37x63 cm. 2015

Monastery “Monastery”

oil on hardboard.32,5x50 cm. 2015

Lake Vuoksa “Lake Vuoksa”

oil on hardboard.38x65 cm. 2015

lake. lump “lake. lump”

oil on hardboard.32,5x23,5 cm. 2015

herd . noon “herd . noon”

oil on hardboard.32x50 cm. 2015

fuzz on the water “fuzz on the water”

oil on hardboard.36x65 cm. 2015

River “River”

oil on hardboard.36x65 cm. 2015

River (Fisherman) “River (Fisherman)”

oil on hardboard.35x50 cm. 2015

Bank bridge “Bank bridge”

oil on canvas.30x40 cm.2015

Great Ustyug “Great Ustyug”

oil on canvas.30x40 cm.2015

High riverside “High riverside”

oil on canvas.60x80 cm.2015

painting 2014

Work done in 2014

sunflowers “sunflowers”

oil on canvas.60x80 cm. 2014

Isaac's Square “Isaac's Square”

oil on canvas.60x80 cm.2014.

larch “larch”

oil on canvas.50x70 cm.2014.

five rainbows. sleep “five rainbows. sleep”

oil on canvas.50x70 cm.2014.

path “path”

oil on hardboard .32x50 cm.2014

dry hay “dry hay”

oil on hardboard .36?63 cm.2014

hearth parking “hearth parking”

oil on hardboard .33?50 cm.2014

Autumn in the Park “Autumn in the Park”

oil on hardboard .33?50 cm.2014

clouds. lake “clouds. lake”

oil on hardboard .32,5x50 cm.2014

embankment “embankment”

oil on hardboard .33x50 cm.2014

on the lake “on the lake”

oil on hardboard .32,5x50 cm.2014

summer “summer”

oil on hardboard .32,5x50 cm.2014

lilies of the valley on the island “lilies of the valley on the island”

oil on hardboard .33x50 cm.2014

last year's cane “last year's cane”

oil on hardboard .30x40 cm.2014


работы 2017 года